108 Ways to Awaken your Kundalini:

1 Whatever you do, do it with intensity.

2 Follow your bliss fearlessly.

3 Express your uniqueness to the maximum.

4 Say no to societal conditioning.

5 Be comfortable living in a state of total insecurity.

6 Imbibe the highest truths of existence from all possible sources.

7 Do not give in to the low expectations of others.

8 Find a talent and master it.

9 Think more in images, less with words.

10 Appreciate creativity from all cultures.

11 Enjoy being with yourself.

12 Put your awareness on people/things/ideas that bring silence.

13 Ignore the chatter of comparison.

14 Enjoy the wildness, expansiveness and super abundance of nature.

15 Be prepared to accept the dark night of the soul.

16 Never loose the sense of childlike play in daily life.

17 Become aware of what you put in your body.

18 Fall in love and experience rejection.

19 Push the edges of your so called sanity.

20 Express the inexpressible.

21 Be indifferent to the misunderstandings of others.

22 Always maintain faith in the highest spiritual truths.

23 Feel that you are a force of nature.

24 Find the limits to everything, and break them if you can.

25 Practice lucid dreaming.

26 Do that which makes you feel the most alive.

27 Make what you enjoy your universe in the present moment.

28 Be around kids without mind.

29 Master the supreme art of concentration.

30 Constantly refresh and expand your imagination.

31 Sit with plants, rivers, trees.

32 Don't be afraid of overwhelming emotion.

33 Cherish, celebrate and create moments of ecstasy.

34 Let go of the past along with your so called failings.

35 Know the process of rejuvenation and transformation in nature and in life.

36 Think holistically, strive to see the big picture.

37 Experience the joy of effortless creation.

38 Discover and follow a discipline from within.

39 Don't calculate your time, live it.

40 Surrender to the inner quest for knowledge.

41 Live, speak and act with your own authority.

42 Heal yourself before you try to heal others.

43 Fill your life with a sense of global and individual evolution.

44 Live as if you were to die in a week.

45 Have patience with existence when all things seem to be lost.

46 See yourself beyond mind, body and emotions.

47 Go on seeking even when it seems there is nothing left to find.

48 Live without a sense of becoming, just more and more being.

49 Share with others the fruits of your labors.

50 Go into the unknown, face the darkness.

51 Awaken primal energies hidden from mundane awareness.

52 Practice meditation with intense awareness of spinal centers.

53 Consolidate outdrawn energies and focus them within your being.

54 Prepare yourself to meet a living Enlightened Master.

55 Make your longing to be with a realized soul consume everything.

56 Practice Their teachings playfully and intensely.

57 Realize your emptiness, ask for inner and outer healing.

58 Have trust as the energy rises in your system.

59 Purge yourself of the trauma of birth.

60 Release all anger and frustration towards conditioned existence.

61 Reclaim innocent, spacious, ever present awareness.

62 Fall in tune at first sight of the Master.

63 Relish the ultimate play of existence, between Master and Disciple.

64 Face tests of trust with a smile and unbroken awareness.

65 Make feeling connection with Master permanent and ever present.

66 Become receptive, make your well of openness into an ocean.

67 Prepare your body with un-habitual physical labor and exercise.

68 Make your desire for fulfillment alive in every muscle and cell of your body.

69 Trust in the supreme identity of Master so that you may realize the same.

70 Surrender to the divine all thoughts, actions, body, mind and spirit.

71 Listen to the guidance of angels ready to support you.

72 Immerse yourself in the new-found bliss from the Masters Grace.

73 Fill ever fiber of your being with awe and devotion towards the Supreme.

74 Be ready to give up all conditioned knowledge.

75 Make your life simple and needs few.

76 Trust in the auspicious nature of existence under all circumstances.

77 Yearn for the embrace of the Divine like a child yearns for its mother.

78 Fill all physical activities with the intention of Enlightenment.

79 Drench your nervous system with the Bliss Supreme.

80 Create the strong intention to practice meditation endlessly.

81 Be aware of and extend the gap between breaths.

82 Enjoy the space between thoughts more then the thoughts.

83 Undo the core issues that keep you tangled in knots.

84 Meditate on the Masters image.

85 Have no doubts that your effort for Enlightenment is maximum.

86 Only focus on words from Enlightened Beings.

87 Revel in the Supreme Teachings like a bee in a pool of nectar.

88 Sit in Upanishad as much as possible with an Enlightened Being.

89 Travel in the sacred land of India.

90 Imbibe the body language of an Enlightened Master.

91 Dance in Supreme ecstasy and joy.

92 Laugh with the full sway of shakti.

93 Don't speak too much about spirituality, be it.

94 Live as a surrendered being, at play with the cosmos.

95 Surrender your talents and knowledge to the divine.

96 Respond to others with their benefit in mind.

97 Achieve the doubtless state, where the ā€œIā€ of thought is replaced with Eternal Bliss.

98 Appreciate simple moments as miraculous heavens.

99 Play around with superconscious awareness.

100 Soak yourself into the edges of the unknown.

101 Offer yourself as a humble worker of God.

102 Realize that you are the Universe.

103 Enjoy as you like.

104 Watch the body drift around.

105 Practice non-violence unceasingly.

106 Watch the sunset.

107 Be grateful to the Master.

108 Surrender. OM