Achala Shakti Yoga

Yoga of Stillness Energy


1. By the grace of Paramahamsa Nithyananda, these aphorisms were written.

2. These aphorisms are dedicated to the living memory of Patanjali who continues to radiate Enlightenment throughout the atmosphere and temples of South India.

3. Patanjali is an embodiment of the stillness-energy that permeates the cosmos.

The Completion

4. The right utilization of stillness-energy allows one to penetrate the subtle layers of mind thus freeing the mind of all conditionings. Realize this and be free.

5. Within the nucleus of stillness-energy, cosmic intelligence is born. Realize this and know all.

6. The human mind is founded upon stillness-energy. Realize this and overcome birth and death.

7. All thoughts, feelings and imaginations are reflecting patterns operating within and through stillness-energy. Become aware of this truth and have power over all.

8. It is the nature of thought reflections to create the false impression that stillness-energy is manifold and that the mind functions independently of it. Know this and be free from the source of illusion.

9. The one who is consciously in tune with and eternally one with stillness-energy is God, Brahman, the Absolute Self. Realize this truth and experience the infinite bliss within.

The Undertaking

10. In essence, stillness-energy has only one function, to cease all thought patterns within the mind so that the Self may be fully realized.

11. As a by-product of this primary function comes increased clarity and power of thought and visualization.

12. When one raises their center of awareness to the frequency of the stillness-energy, his/her power of visualization expands into all dimensions of time and space.

13. With increased power of thought and visualization it becomes imperative that one cultivate good qualities of mind and eliminate negative thought patterns and memories as stillness-energy gives thoughts the non-local power to manifest relative realities within all planes of existence.

14. As one enters more deeply into stillness-energy through meditation, the effective limits of space and time are diminished and as a result his/her intuition and creative capacities are advanced to the highest degree.

The Methods of Transference

15. Stillness-energy is present within and beyond the hyper-physical and hyper-mental and can be consciously activated and “stored” in temples and deities through the proper utilization of various states of matter.

16. Since the human nervous system is formed by stillness-energy, when a human being comes into contact with stored stillness-energy environments or objects, deep physical and mental energy exchanges take place.

17. Minds that have already experienced or are operating with an awareness of the foundational stillness-energy are more able to enter into communion and conscious interaction with this intelligent energy.

18. The most powerful means of transferring stillness-energy into a human nervous system is the initiation by another human nervous system that has realized a functional oneness with the stillness-energy.

The Limiting Factors

19. Nervous systems that are filled with conflicting memories and thought patterns disperse the stillness-energy so that it cannot be properly utilized.

20. The seeds of desire for the experience of objects and attachment to the feeling that one knows by means of his/her false self need to be burned in order for the stillness-energy to flow through the nervous system without interruption.

21. Poor physical functioning due to the misuse of sense organs restricts the balanced flow of the stillness-energy.

The Process of Purification

22. The stillness-energy helps purify the neuronal structures of the human nervous system by energizing individual neurons to vibrate at higher frequencies.

23. When groups of neurons are energized a harmonizing effect begins in the mind and subtle spinal centers which allows one to be consciously aware of the energizing process.

24. One may then use the light of his/her conscious awareness to stimulate and quicken the purification process throughout the brain and subtle spinal centers.

25. The end result of this process is the merging of awareness with large groups of harmonized neuronal structures so that the hyper-physical and hyper-mental meet in energetic union.

26. A side effect of this union is the experience of limitless bliss.

27. As one enters into this union more frequently and deeply, the harmonizing of neuronal structures expands and is retained in the functional memory of individual neurons and cells throughout the body.

28. The conscious movement of body and breath with the intention of maintaining and intensifying the union of the hyper-physical and hyper-mental quickens the stabilization of the mind and body in unity consciousness.

29. The result of this process is, whereas previously it would take hours of meditation practice to enter into a state of union, one is now able to harmonize his/her entire body in a state of blissful union with a single thought or feeling.

30. The complete harmonizing of the hyper-physical and hyper-mental allows one to interact and transcend the deeper mental, subtle, causal and cosmic planes of existence.

31. Through a conscious exploration and integration with these planes of existence, the individual light of consciousness realizes the Source within the nirvanic plane.

32. On an absolute level this realization is ultimate, but on the relative level it is not final since the Realized Soul may continue to experience, expand and express infinite manifestations on all planes of existence.

The Flowing of Grace

33. For some Realized Souls there arises a motiveless impulse to bring all levels of creation into a living state of spiritual union.

34. As this impersonal impulse develops, the Realized Soul becomes a channel for the Source to express divine grace.

35. Grace is essentially a consolidated form of stillness-energy that explicates itself into the lives and forms it touches on all planes of existence by its own intrinsic intelligence.

36. Grace has the power to dispel ignorance and transport one to a state of supreme perfection as it is a direct expression of the most fundamental force of nature.

37. Grace is impersonal and uniform in nature but is expressed uniquely by the capacity and attributes of individual nervous systems.

38. The human nervous system is a refined unity of matter evolved for grace receiving and grace emitting.

The Sharing of Grace

39. All human interaction and communication is dependent of varying degrees of grace.

40. The effective power of an idea or feeling to get transferred by one nervous system into another depends on the grace or stillness-energy stored in the giver which then becomes expressed physically, verbally or mentally.

41. With subtle awareness, the grace of any person, object, environment or idea can be observed and imbibed whether or not the content of what is observed is intellectually understood.

42. The ideal of religion is to act as a means of scientifically enhancing grace giving and receiving between human nervous systems and their surrounding environments.

43. The human capacity to feel and express devotion represents the highest functioning of the human nervous system as it creates an intense longing to receive and share Universal Grace.

44. That which is termed compassion is essentially the conscious or unconscious recognition of a diminished flowing of stillness-energy in another living being and allowing oneself to channel consolidated stillness-energy into any areas of depression just like water leveling itself within a container.

45. All communication aims at increased efficiency and clarity of expression which is ultimately fulfilled in a state of communion.

46. Communion is the intense sharing of consolidated stillness-energy between nervous systems in a state of motionless receptivity and pulsating silence.

The Cosmic Evolution

47. As humanity evolves, the human nervous system will have an increased capacity to retain and emit consolidated stillness-energy throughout large spheres of influence on all planes of existence.

48. Just as high energy neurons harmonize together within the brain, an increasing number of strong stillness-energy emitting nervous systems will gather together forming harmonized centers around the planet.

49. These planetary energy centers will emit powerful stillness-energy vibrations into the hyper-physical and hyper-mental realms of collective consciousness thus quickening the purification process of mankind as a whole.

50. Humanity will then begin to globally interact, manipulate and communicate throughout the subtle layers of existence.

51. The collective emission of stillness-energy will raise the vibration of the planet and expand its field of influence in order that it may harmonize with other high vibration planets.

52. High vibrational planets will set in motion a collective harmonization process and work together as great shining lights radiating stillness-energy throughout all spheres of the cosmos.

53. The culmination of this evolutionary process is the saturation of the cosmos with universally harmonized stillness-energy which is the condition for the creation of numberless universes.

54. The memory of this cosmic evolution retained from pervious cosmic cycles is inscribed inside every atom of relative existence.

The Realized Ones

55. The Realized Soul is one who penetrates the core of Being to rest in the Absolute Stillness that is the ever-present origin of existence.

56. The Jivan-Mukta is one who, like a top spinning in such a way that it appears to be unmoving, perfectly balances the stillness of his/her realization of Supreme Rest while energetically radiating this realization throughout the cosmos by working on all planes of existence without attachment to the final result.

The Scientific Support

57. The term stillness-energy is not meant to have a mystical connotation as it points to a basic law of the cosmos that is simply not yet understood scientifically. But to the sensitive, its effects can be seen everywhere just as the effects of gravity were readily apparent before any notion of “gravity” existed.

58. Since stillness-energy operates within and beyond the hyper-physical and hyper-mental dimensions of existence, demonstrating it scientifically is problematic under the present constraints of modern science.

59. However, developments in the field of quantum physics and neuro-imaging combined with rigorous phenomological understanding of the different states of consciousness of Enlightened Masters and those he/she initiates or heals will prove to be a useful line of research in demonstrating many effects of stillness-energy.

60. Once addressed in a satisfactory manner, it will be made clear that at the core of existence is a power much more fundamental and stronger then the force of gravity and the nuclear forces that hold atoms together.

61. The distant fringes of the cosmic singularity will be seen within every atom and the motionless pulse of stillness-energy will be known and celebrated as the hidden force of nature leading humanity towards enlightenment.

62. Humanity will then be able to rejoice with its cosmic brothers who have already harnessed the hyper-natural power of stillness-energy and join them in the divine task of dispelling ignorance and radiating love and light throughout the universe.


63. Let these aphorisms contribute to the conscious cooperation with the stillness-energy so that its presence, healing intelligence and liberating grace may be felt in all.

64. OM Shiva. OM Shakti. OM.