Authentic Spirituality

If spirituality is anything, it is universal, all pervasive, all knowing, all powerful, eternal. Spirit is more essential then the air that unites all of humanity through each breath of life. Spirit is infinitely more essential then the atoms and stars of which our existence has been built. Spirit is beyond our thoughts, feelings, philosophies of life, systems of belief, or any mental construct whatsoever. Spirit is beyond the furthest visions and revelations that follow from an infinitely expanding consciousness. Spirit is beyond the soundless sound and the endless silence of aloneness. Yet, at the same time, what we call as spirit is immersed in all our visions of life, in every thought, in every living cell, in the very waves of light that remind us of the shining ocean of consciousness within.

It is by understanding the universal nature of spirit that we can fully appreciate all the ways it is uniquely expressed within us, in others, and throughout the many cultures of the world. It is only the strong sense of difference that creates conflict. Where oneness is seen, diversity is enjoyed. Where duality is encouraged, conflict grows. When you are in authentic spiritual bliss, you can appreciate and rejoice in all the divine forms, understandings and expressions of individuals within other cultures who have experienced the same inner bliss. This does not mean that everything will be the same to you, for each true expression of the divine is unique and sacred and has the right to exist independently in the hearts and minds of anyone who so chooses.

Just as each unique expression of spirituality has a right to exist, so does every soul walking on this Earth have the right to enjoy and rejoice in whatever divine expression they so choose. Moreover, each soul is free to create their own expressions of the divine to enjoy and share with others. This is the whole beauty of the divine. Somehow we have forgotten this. Most have neglected their responsibility as conscious co-creators of existence and have placed their creative energies into the hands of corporations, politicians, or preachers, rather then using them to directly express the divine Source within.

If we fail to understand and appreciate this universal quality of spirit, then unsolvable conflict is to be the end result. Even if spiritual ideas are taken up, they will be used to negatively discriminate against others and the violence of forced conversion will inevitably result. Since spirituality is universal in essence, it is right that we should take whatever our understanding of the highest principle of life is and make it universal in our own experience and joyfully share this understanding with others. If however, without understanding the basic rights of human consciousness, we try to force our views onto others through fear and greed, then the spiritual life and grace is taken out of whatever it is that is being forced.

When spirituality or religion is forced on others it requires more and more worldly forces to uphold. At some point, even if you were to possess all the worlds wealth and status, your system of belief will loose all power to shape human consciousness if it is continually forced onto others. On the other hand, you could be without any wealth, status, or position and positively touch the lives of millions just by a few words if you are filled with the bliss of real spiritual experience.

In a mature and healthy human society, spirituality and religion are passed on not through dogmatic superstition or vague beliefs, but through life enhancing inspiration, truly objective science, pure wonder, and eternal bliss. When a religion looses its spiritual strength, it separates itself from science, and becomes filled with life denying beliefs. When a religion is full of spiritual strength, it works together with science to direct human consciousness towards total health, a harmonious balance with nature, individual responsibility and self realization.

When we practice spirituality while understanding that the cosmos is filled with universal loving, healing and intelligent energy, there should be noticeable positive effects in our body and surrounding environments. There is no reason that these effects can't be measured objectively. When science is divorced from spirituality, it makes weapons of mass destruction. When science works in harmony with an integrated spiritual vision, it has the power to heal planets, earthly bodies, and divine souls.

When a religion looses its authentic spiritual power, it looses the divine wonder that makes life a constant rejoicing and is replaced by a culture of materialistic consumption and mind numbing entertainments. The ecstasy of authentic spiritual experience is the real source of wonder in this world. When spirituality is full of life and strength, it fills the individual and society with unimaginable wonders and life enhancing joys. When you are filled with such wonder, your wealth becomes the countless simple enjoyments of life that are beyond any sense of personal possession.

Wonder expands human consciousness like nothing else. There is no belief in wonder, it is a direct undeniable experience of rejoicing in the divine mysteries and cosmic revelations of existence. You can never have too much wonder in life. If we just tap into a portion of our spiritual existence, then our life shall be filled with and express unimaginable moments of divine wonder.

When spirituality is mostly mental or verbal, all the divisions of thought cut through the sense of universal brotherhood. More are more divisions are created both within spirituality and the world of science and the arts until we are left with little more then half fragments of a whole that was once a part of greater Whole. Authentic spirituality integrates our consciousness both within and without. It is a synthesis of deep internal understanding and outward embodiment of spiritual bliss. When the spiritual bliss lives in your very bones and flesh, then you can see into all the understandings of the world and recognize an expansive and dynamic unity of consciousness surging throughout all of human and cosmic existence.

By experientially recognizing the unity of consciousness at the heart of existence, we can enrich ourselves by all the expressions of the divine across the Earth. At the same time, we can recognize the uniqueness of any one tradition and follow it deeply to the exclusion of others. This is a cosmic right of each individual.

Mass cynicism comes when we fail as a society to exercise our spiritual right to penetrate through the shadows of existence and enter into the realms of limitless bliss. A mature human civilization will teach many different traditions to children and give them the choice and support to be inspired and engaged in the highest truths and experiences of a divine living cosmos. Teaching children to appreciate and respect the uniqueness of other cultures allows them to realize and appreciate their own uniqueness and enrich others through it.

As the old traditions and systems based on manipulating human consciousness through fear and greed begin to fall and crumble, we should not just feel helpless or disillusioned, but be open and ready to take on an authentic living spirituality that has the power to heal ourselves and the world. Since spirit is universal in essence, no one tradition can claim ownership of it. Authentic spirituality is following your own bliss, no one can tell you what it is, it is a discovery to be made within your heart. When you experience the joy and bliss of making this divine discovery within, you become a shining light in a world of darkness, you fulfill your destiny to live as a god on Earth. OM