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What is secular news? It is news that treats individuals like mere agents, as quantifiable actors in a world of atoms and machines. Secularism itself is based on a presupposed Christian view of the individual. There is simply no escaping this fact. In the ancient Vedic times there was no talk of “human rights” as it was understood that the individual is not just some agent of will in a world of objects, but is part and parcel of supreme consciousness, and is in essence one with all of existence. There is no need of rights of some limited self to act, rather there is a call towards one and all to realize the Self through the best means available according to each individuals unique persuasion.

In vedic times there was no need of separating religion from state governance since there was never an imposition of beliefs by any religious center. On the other hand, the very foundation of Abrahamic faiths, by creating exclusive claims to truth along with the command to covert others to these exclusive claims, creates the conditions for persecution, control and abuse. The Vedic way of thinking has no exclusive claims of truth and instead creates the conditions for a variety of traditions to be created and practiced according to the needs and desires of each individual and community.

Modern pseudo-secularism is used as a subversive means of undermining Vedic culture and traditional practices. It makes religion about claims of truth rather then about practical and verifiable means of realizing consciousness. The Vedic tradition sees no conflict between spiritual traditions and rational thinking. It is founded on insights into the actual nature of existence, not through dogma or beliefs, but through supra-mental experiences of Enlightened sages and rishis that can be tested and proven by anyone through their own direct experience.

There is no true or false views, just what is beneficial to realize higher consciousness and what is detrimental to realizing consciousness. Since the conditions in which we exist are continually changing, the means and methods of realizing higher states of consciousness are continually evolving along with human nature. Therefore, the Vedic tradition can be updated and enriched by each individual according to the conditions of their present situation and can work in harmony with modern objective science.

Since the concept of “secularism” confuses and dilutes the very foundation of Vedic religious thought, it is intrinsically detrimental to the realization of consciousness for both the individual and the collective. By flattening out the concept of religious experience into mere claims of absolute truth, it disconnects people from the practical methods and teachings that can assist one in realizing consciousness.

This flattening out makes governments, religious institutions, and corporations mere instruments of greed rather then instruments of conscious upliftment and individual and planetary enlightenment. Modern news and history are mere inventions that promote and maintain a world view based on mundane consciousness. At the same time they weaken and withhold the practices and understandings that lead to higher states of consciousness.

At the heart of the issue, hidden within the depths of the collective consciousness, is the way these belief systems and spiritual traditions introduce us to ourselves, the way they define the individual. Again, all modern ideas of secularism are inherently founded on the presupposed belief of the individual based on Judeo-Christian ideologies that see the individual as a fallen self, a limited fragment, a soul divested of its divinity to be completed only by taking on the belief of one particular claim of truth among a variety of other opposing “false” claims of truth.

All secularism does is remove the religious element, and provide ways for the fragmented individual to complete itself through materialistic and rational means. However, these efforts inevitably fail, and most are left feeling empty and depressed as they stare off into a manufactured world of lifeless matter and self-limiting social organization. This dis-empowerment of human consciousness has left those with the most money and power the greatest control while the masses are unconsciously manipulated by fear and greed.

The vedic way of thinking is based on spiritual traditions that introduce the individual not as some limited agent fallen from God's grace, but as a complete and divine reflection of the cosmos, a Wholeness filled with unlimited knowledge, endless life, and eternal bliss. The measure of truth is what opens us to this profound experience of Self. It is a radical shift from the secular and Judeo-Christian point of view that is trying to control and suppress the consciousness of the planet through powerful institutions, religious organizations, governments, corporations and media networks.

We must begin as individuals and as a collective to question whether the presupposed understanding that these institutions are promoting about ourselves is accurate or beneficial for the continued evolution and development of humanity on Earth. Without most knowing it, this is the most pressing and fundamental issue of the modern era.

If we must have an “ism” let us make it “Enlightenmentism”. Instead of media and governments flattening our existence through secularism, Enlightenmentism shall create the foundation for individuals and the collective to continually expand, enrich and evolve human consciousness. Starting with the fundamental understanding that we are divine, that we are full of consciousness, existence, knowledge and bliss, all aspects of modern culture can begin to be aligned with this understanding.

Real news will be globally recognized as that which makes people more blissful, aware, alive, conscious, compassionate, creative, intelligent, intuitive, sensitive, expansive, powerful and loving. Education systems can also be aligned to bring out all these aspects of our real Self while observing, testing, and implementing the practical means by which human consciousness can be raised into higher levels of thought, creativity, and cosmic consciousness.

To see into and expand the future of consciousness, we must address the origins of consciousness, to question the deeply held beliefs and assumptions about our self that linger unnoticed in the noise of modern civilization. If we want to have a more positive, uplifting, and enlightening future for humanity, we must transform the fundamental view of our self and others. Don't just take my word for it, take the responsibility and look deeply into this yourself. You are divine!!!! All those around you are divine!!!!! The world is a vibrant play of consciousness!!! Be blissful and enjoy!!!!!!!!! OM