Connect with the Cosmic Motherboard

Meditation is not just about relaxing the mind or loosing ourselves for a few moments before we go back to our daily routine. Authentic meditation can open a cosmic portal within us to explore all the depths and heights of the universe with unimaginable clarity, totality and insight. Through this exploration our awareness expands and we are enabled to share deep insights that enrich ourselves and others. In this way, we help create an expanded vision capable of healing the seemingly unsolvable issues facing mankind through a more Enlightened global and universal perspective.

If we sincerely take on the view that consciousness is the most primary aspect of the universe, then it should not be difficult for us to envision that all possible information, experiences, memories, thoughts, imaginations, intuitions, discoveries, and emotions that have ever taken place or will take place are available for us to connect with through our awakened eye of intelligence.

We can see this quite clearly using the example of wifi technology and cloud computing. At this very moment, there are over 500 billion gigabytes of data accessible to you right where you are standing or sitting. Millions of books, millions of hours of video, millions of blogs, millions of social interactions- all available in the very atmosphere in which you are breathing. All that is required is a capable receiving device for you to delve into this seamless digital ocean of information and shared experience.

Likewise, our individual consciousness working through our mind and body is swimming within the ocean of the totality of consciousness, and with proper tuning of the human nervous system and subtle energy centers, we can begin to access this cosmic consciousness just as easily as we can access a website on an i-phone.

We can envision an even deeper analogy between mind and technology. For the mind is not just some clump of hardware with limited storage and processing capacities that can only tune into the vibrations of cosmic consciousness in bits and pieces. The mind itself can be seen as software operating through the motherboard of cosmic consciousness. This means that, through the authentic spiritual practice of raising our identity from the limited self to the higher frequencies of the cosmic Self, our mind becomes intimately connected to the unlimited capacities of the hardware of universal consciousness. We can then experience limitless memory, non-local information exchange, quantum leaps of understanding, instantaneous expansions of perspective, simultaneous processing and synthesis of vast amounts of information, infinite visualization capability, profound degrees of human empathy and compassion, power to change the environment, power to heal others by thought or touch, lucid insights into the past present and future, a oneness with every single happening vibrating throughout every particle of existence.

To those still enthralled by the dying dream of materialistic science, this all may seem to be just so much nonsense, a mere fantasy of subjective spiritualism. Yet, if we were to closely observe the world around us with an unbiased objectivity, we shall see manifestations of these truths all throughout existence. Nature, as the sum total of living organisms, compounds, minerals, particles and energies, is deeply connected to this realm of cosmic consciousness. This can be seen in the example of morphogenetic fields, where there is a collective memory stored throughout the dynamic patterns and interactions of groups within nature. When there is morphic resonance, when one element of a group resonates with the collective memory of the other “members” of the group, the patterns of interaction are passed on to it to further its own process of evolution.

We can see this being played out in our own experience, when we enter into interaction with a particular group of people, if we begin to resonate with them strongly, we can start taking on their patterns of thought and activity without any physical exchange of information. This is why it has always been stressed that the company we keep can have a dramatic effect in our life. It is also the key to understanding the benefits of a Sangha, or spiritual community, as the higher aspirations of the spiritual collective can help us raise our frequency just by us resonating with the group. It explains the power of rituals, mantras, energy fields, initiations, sacred imagery, deity worship, and the ultimate resonance pattern within nature, the resonance between an Enlightened Being and a disciple.

The Enlightened Being has merged himself fully into the ocean of cosmic consciousness. His program of self is no longer confined to the hardware of a limited mind and body but is in deep conscious interaction and resonance with the motherboard of cosmic consciousness throughout all planes of existence. His program of self can verily be called the Self of the universe. When we resonate strongly with Him, the benefits to us are unimaginable, as we begin to imbibe all the divine qualities of existence- like bliss, intelligence and compassion- into our very cells, throughout our entire body, in the air we breathe, in our body language and behavior, in the intimate atmosphere of thought and emotion, all the way into the peaks of cosmic consciousness. Whatever self limiting patterns that are yet remaining within us can simply be dissolved by our constant resonance with a Self Realized Being.

We can see morphic resonance in a flock of birds flying- all of a sudden they all change direction without any exchange of information. We see it in the vastly coordinated movements of insects working together with very limited means of communication. There have been studies of pet animals, that show repeatedly without error, pet owner's dogs changing their behavior, by barking or coming to the front door, when their owners start heading towards the house (at unpredictable times), but still miles away, much too far for any sound or smell to reach their senses.

Then there is the scientifically unexplainable phenomenon of homing pigeons. They can be blindfolded, anesthetized, and taken 500 miles away from their home, have there noses and ears covered, released and find their way home within a day or two. There simply is no materialistic explanation for this ability. It is the resonate connections to their home in the fields of consciousness that attracts them. Likewise, when we create a strong resonate connection with an Enlightened Being, who is an embodiment of the abode of pure consciousness, we find our way through miles of obstacles and land ourselves in His same state of Eternal Bliss.

Now, let us add this understanding to meditation itself. We may have the idea that mediation is some new trendy thing- a nice practice to ease the mind of a little stress, something to make us a bit more peaceful, something to add a little happiness to our mundane existence- certainly it may do all these things, but meditation is tens of thousands of years old my dear friends, through it inconceivable heights of consciousness have been realized, untold powers awakened, cosmic secrets revealed, universal love and compassion brought to life. I tell you dear ones, right now as we speak there are thousands of souls in such depths of meditation that we can yet hardly relate to them by our most extended imaginations, and yet, if we are sincere and integrated with an intense quest to realize our highest possibility as conscious souls within this divine cosmos, our practice of meditation can resonate with and be benefited by their most exalted frequencies of consciousness, love and light!

Dear ones, let us toss aside our resonance to that which has been conditioned into us by a slumbering humanity. Let us disconnect ourselves from the corporate media men, the empty lives of celebrity, the hollowness of state run de-education, the distractions of countless entertainments, the glittering of our light machines. Let us reconnect with the divine grace of the Mother through the cosmic motherboard of consciousness found within the depths of our soul! There, we shall see the real wonders and treasures of life flourishing in exuberant abundance. Let us nourish ourselves in the waters of supreme consciousness and bliss and enrich the world with Enlightened understanding! OM