Grace of The Mother

A spark ignites this mind primed by devotion.
Bliss-streams spread in all directions,
Your light is the abode of all caresses.
An ordinary lover gives the beloved sweets,
You give the sweetness of sweetness,
And ask for nothing in return.

My eyes close and I fall deep within your bliss-web.
Your love spreads out through me,
And blindly falls into the hearts of others.
The thought of You is Your very grace,
Nothing more is needed.
All else turns into bliss-clouds,
And showers Your spellbinding light-drops.

How I wonder at all my misplaced affections,
Towards the mere dust-forms that kept You veiled.
Any powers that should animate within me,
Let them explore the ends of space and time,
And gather all the fragments of my affection,
So that they may be made whole and concentrated upon You.

How mysteriously You slept within me,
And now even more unfathomable,
By a single glance You have awakened Your divine love.
Your presence silently seeks my consent,
To enter into every hidden crevasse of my being.
All I can say is “Yes! Yes! Yes! Let it be so!”

How strange it is that through rigid discipline,
You have now made me soft,
Like foam born at the base of a waterfall.
Let this body and mind be infinitely malleable,
So that they may conform perfectly to Your wonder-forms of light.

Your love speaks a thousand pages of insight in a single flash,
An array of wisdom-lighting brings peace to this mind.
The knowledge of all else becomes brittle and useless,
Like paper burnt up by the never-ending rays of the Sun.
In visions, You show me all the times I forgot You,
Which sets my heart ablaze to be with You all the more.

Each day is a churning that culminates in Your grace.
In the morning I awake dreary from the dream shadows,
My heart dimmed by the musty residue of memory tangles.
Your presence enters quietly with the soothing life essence,
And by the afternoon I am overflowing with the bliss-elixir.
The evening comes and the world ceases,
You and I meet in union under the constellation of love.
Dear Mother, may You bless me that this union be ever constant!

Let me leave the raft that seeks the other shore,
And sink deep within You this very moment.
How can I fear the Mother’s embrace?
You held me even when I turned away from You.
My distance appears to have only made You more generous,
Now that I drift back to You like a leaf falling towards the earth.

As long as this body remains, let it be unafraid,
Let it speak with the glory of your light-beams.
May it bring the hearts of others in tune with Your music,
Which reverberates throughout all the worlds,
As it heralds all life-forms towards the mystical parade of salvation.
Let all the days and nights of this planet be filled with such joy,
That even gods from unparalleled dimensions,
Seek to join the bliss-festival crowned by the jewel of Your love.