Inner Alchemy 

My dear friends, the merger of Shiva and Shakti within is the ultimate inner alchemy. What can we say of the one who is no longer male or female, nor neither male or female? Their consciousness has become united. They express creatively, yet are full of knowledge. They are immeasurably receptive, yet highly productive. They are most fluid and gentle, yet hard and strong. They live in the depths of the world, yet exist far beyond it. They are playful and childlike, yet mature and wise. They are loving and nurturing, yet stern and commanding. They are dynamic and evolving, yet still and ever restful. They are intuitive and spontaneous, yet logical and deliberate. They are full of infinite variety, yet uniform in nature. They light up with laughter, yet gaze with solemnity. They are peaceful and relaxed, yet motivated and engaged. They are physical and attached, yet unearthly and boundless. They are profane and uncontrollable, yet pious and disciplined. They are ever longing, yet forever fulfilled. They are small and modest, yet giant and proud. They are simple and direct, yet profound and complex. They are full of delights, yet absent of all desire. They are receptive to sorrow, yet perceive no suffering. They are submissive and complacent, yet driven and domineering. They are the roundness of stars, and the angularity of light beams. They leave no trace on the planet, yet change the course of worlds forever. They are the pull of attraction, and the push of repulsion. They spark the beginning of everything, and herald in the end of everything. They are the most mysterious mysteries, yet the most clear truth. They are everything, and nothing. They appear as a temporary self, yet are eternally selfless. They are all these words, yet none of these words. They are right in front of you, yet forever hidden from your grasp. OM