Kalabhairava shares Secrets on Time, “The End Times”, and Rewriting Your Future

Consciousness is the source of the time field. Time is not a creation of a calendar or watch. It is your own choice, whether you recognize it or not, to place yourself within a particular moment on an imaginary line in the year 2014. Why not place yourself in 4014 or 1014 or anywhere and everywhere? Or if you prefer, nowhere, and rest your consciousness in eternal stillness.

This may seem to be a total impossibility—to choose your experience of time, yet this is simply due to an amnesia of contracted human consciousness defined by deep social conditionings.

Time is arising out of consciousness, consciousness is not arising within some apparent field of time. This is the secret understanding to transform your reality.

You may understand this in a relative way when you look outside and the sky is dark and you say “it is night time”. Then when you reflect on another part of the Earth a couple thousand miles away where the sun is shining brightly, you say here it is “daytime”. Clearly it is the limited human perspective that forms the apparent reality of changes in time.

Similarly, 10,000 years in the past and 10,000 years in the future are mere figments of perception. Measuring time is a means of controlling reality. It can be practical and useful to do, however it has nothing to do with experiencing reality as it is.

The prophesied “end times” are not the destruction of life on earth, rather it is the ending of the amnesia of limited psychological time structures that moment to moment restrict reality according to rigid outer time formations created by a mass consensus reality.

Through modern technologies space appears to be becoming more fluid—one can appear virtually to thousands of others simultaneously around the world through various communication technologies. It is as if the individuals communicated thoughts/visions/emotions/realizations are like pebbles tossed into the waters of collective consciousness that send out ripples in all directions. These waves of consciousness form intricate patterns of coalescence, surges of understanding, and tsunamis of awakening throughout all planes of existence and in all directions of time.

Mass projections of highly realistic future realities seen by millions of people can create powerfully charged energy fields that align matter to fit the form of mass thought.

Not only is the future effected forwardly, but the past can be altered subtly in “reverse”. For example, an event may occur which is recoded and shared digitally, then weeks and months later it is seen by millions. While it is clear that the playback of the event effects the lives of the individuals who engage it in the future, the original moment in which the recording was made is subtly affected by the presence of mass awareness of future conscious beings.

This effect can go deeper into the past as well. Highly realistic portrayals of past events can charge them throughout the wholeness of time. This is noticeable in the case of large wars—graphically reliving events over and over gives the war real impact, otherwise, if the collective consciousness was to complete with the traumas of battle and choose to make this form of violent conflict irrelevant and unworthy of subtle glorification, then a future can be lived which transcends these forms of conflict.

The lives and Lilas of great Incarnations can be remembered and graphically represented supra-realistically thus energizing and expanding those moments in all directions of time. By re-energizing these moments from the near and distant past, the future expands and vibrates with the same blissful spiritual frequencies.

The essential nature of space or time is not undergoing any change. Modern technologies are simply making apparent the universality of space and the wholeness of time.

To be “caught in time” is an addiction of the mind. Sequences of events become lifeless within a western view of history and the individual is made to feel powerless over the flow of events. Out of this deluded sense of powerlessness, individuals use destructive means to force themselves into time by conquering nations or winning social certificates.

To be “liberated in time” is to deeply understand the wholeness of time. Through this realization we become supremely empowered, as all apparent events become open to our subtle influence, are seen as a part of us, and can be entered into without the restrictions of manufactured time and space. By entering into and experiencing the totality of time, cosmic time can be compressed in your own direct experience, and massively released into timelessness and completion.

The western view of life and consciousness tries to compartmentalize life into mechanistic structures or downgrade the supreme Light of Consciousness as some murky epiphenomena in a sea of lifeless particles and neuronal connections. The fully conscious view sees life and consciousness as vibrating within all of creation. This view naturally promotes respect and care towards all beings and an understanding of the natural laws that govern the flow of life.

Similarly, the western view sees the past as dead and the future as unborn. The present becomes a barely living moment stuck between death and non-creation. This deluded view is the root cause of much stress and depression in the so-called modern world.

Even if you are taught to be “in the now”, without a deeper understanding of time, you will just be momentarily capturing yourself in a limited moment that seems peaceful and awake but is surrounded by many past lifeless moments and future illusions.

The fully conscious point of view sees all of time as full of life—time is celebrated as dancing an inexplicable rhythm arising out of and from within the wholeness of consciousness. It is from here that the present explodes with aliveness, since it is realized as a fractal window opening into the totality of all time and timelessness.

All so-called points in time become accessible with this understanding. Your everyday life expands into countless dimensions of possibility reverberating throughout time and space. The fact is, whether you understand this or not, these holistic time effects are already happening. It is simply a matter of social conditioning that has entrenched your consciousness to follow rigid linear time sequences.

If your aim is to control a mass of people, inflexible linear timeliness would be of great use. While you sit “above”, knowing that time is transformable, you would do everything you can to convince the masses “below” you that it is not.

When an individual wakes up to the transform-ability of time, the freedom to experience new and more expansive possibilities in life is realized. When the collective consciousness awakens to this fact, new futures for humanity can be consciously created no longer held hostage by limited timeliness chosen by a few to maintain their own vested interests.

When we each become the writers of the past we can each become co-creators of the future. This is not a fall into subjectivity, but a call to awaken a strong and sustained awareness that objectively witnesses all the mind created dramas of apparent historical time and from this vision rewrite the future of ourselves and humanity. It is possible. Please experiment with this yourself.

This universe is your extension. Time is the stage you created to play an endless array of dramas. You can keep playing as an actor reading out a script that you forget you wrote long before, or realize that you are the script writer and director and keep up the play or alter the script as you wish. This can take you out of many self-imposed sufferings and feelings of powerlessness.

These truths are simple facts of existence. It is of great benefit for humanity to now individually and collectively realize the truths of time within the context of a conscious intention towards the self-healing and life-affirming evolution of humanity.

Having large numbers of people envisioning higher realities as expressed through divine forms and spiritually awakened energies creates a harmonic environment of higher vibrations on all planes of existence. Using modern media technologies to positively harmonize, energize and expand consciousness is an indispensable tool that humanity can use to help regain cosmic consciousness.

Time is now controlled and measured by vast technological information networks and mass controlled world medias that portray to the masses visions of the future that feed off of the present awareness of billions of viewers. If these technologies are kept in the hands of unconscious or unscrupulous elites obsessed with the exploitation of Mother Earth and world populations, much suffering is to be had.

When these same information networks and medias are consciously used to enrich and awaken humanity, and when the individual is nurtured in the present by visions of eternal blissfulness, the possibility of a meaningful and harmonious way of life is made into a reality all across the Earth sphere.

You have the power within not just to rewrite your own future, you can also rewrite the future of the planet. Internalizing and remembering these truths on time throughout your day to day life can greatly enrich you. May you use these understandings of time to liberate yourself from self-limiting time lines and expand the consciousness on Earth and beyond! OM