Living a Meaning Driven Life

Meaning is the fabric in which consciousness creates the world. Without it, the world is dull, mechanical, a cosmic mistake- with it, the world is alive, vibrant, and shining with the radiance of a pulsating, blissful, energetic, loving, intelligent consciousness. Living a spiritual life is living an ever-renewed life filled with profound and wondrous meaning.

Religions and governments stress the sense of purpose so they can control people into doing what they want them to do. Spirituality focuses on meaningfulness to free individuals from of the ignorance of the limited mind while expanding the human spirit into all the higher possibilities of existence. Purpose seeks to change or control the outer world. Meaning awakens us to the hidden depths of our being within.

When the rush after purpose replaces the quest for meaning, life becomes dry and flattened out. A world obsessed with purpose is one that has little meaning. With the confusion of meaninglessness comes a sense of being isolated, out of sync, and a feeling as though we are a useless fragment within a lifeless universe. When we are filled with a profound meaningfulness, we feel connected to the whole of existence, enter in tune with all the subtle movements of nature, express creative power, and reclaim our divine right to live as gods on Earth.

Meaning creates connections. The ultimate connection is the realization of our oneness with the divine. Meaning places the cosmos, along with its bliss and intelligence, into our very bodies and minds, not in some far off heaven or God that is to be won over by our fighting against existence. Living with meaning is living life as the constant celebration of an ever-expanding, self-effulgent, blissful and playful Supreme Being which has the natural possibility of being realized as our very own Self.

Purpose uses logic and reasoning to reduce the world into bits of dust. Meaning uses imagination and intuition to creatively expand the horizons of human consciousness. Purpose driven minds try to confine the divine to a limited set of forms or ideas. Meaning driven minds infuse sacredness and life into everything that exists. Purpose driven religions use fear and conflict to motivate individuals and societies to fight off an endless array of phantom enemies. Meaning driven religions use harmony and balance to inspire individuals and societies to live in tune with the natural flow of the cosmos.

Clearly, most of the world today has tossed aside the pursuit of deep meaning and sacredness for the unbalanced call towards endless purpose and efficiency. While there are many sources for us to create a relative sense of meaning in our lives, spiritual truths, practices and lifestyles inspired by Enlightened Consciousness offer the widest and deepest ocean of meaning in which we can immerse, refresh and realize the supreme abundance of being.

Connecting with divinely inspired forms, stories and images is a life-enhancing way of enriching yourself and others with a healing and rejuvenatory sense of self-radiant super-conscious meaning. If you are stuck running after the purposes of a commercialized mega-industry-goverment, you are bound to end up with a deep sense of unfulfillment and meaninglessness. When you are inspired by spiritual forms and stories created out of Enlightened Consciousness, you are destined to live an everlasting life of sacred meaning, playful joy, and mindful brilliance. Purpose leads to endless struggle. Meaning leads to eternal bliss.

Spiritual meaning can be infused into all aspects of your life. Relationships can become beautiful mediums of expansion through which the divine paints the cosmic mystery of love. Careers can become life-fulfilling missions that enrich thousands with spiritual joy. Moments alone can become timeless portals into divine bliss and sublimely meaningful insights.

Sometimes spiritual truths and stories aren't enough. When unconscious forces make the earth inhospitable through meaningless purpose, Incarnations come down to saturate the cosmos with spiritual richness and glory-filled meaning. Every word, thought, and slightest movement of an Enlightened Being is filled with untold dimensions of meaning. Even in their stillness and silence, if you are sensitive enough to receive it, profound meaning is exchanged and transmitted.

The wave of their hand is connected to the spiraling of galaxies, the blink of their eye reflects the beginning and end of the universe, the energy of their touch sends shock-waves reverberating into all ends of the cosmos. Each step they walk on Earth leaves an eternal imprint of exalted joy and supreme bliss in the sphere of collective consciousness. If you find you are lacking meaning in your life, the best thing you can do is spend some time with a Living Incarnation.

Or better yet, take up their job and become an Incarnation yourself. It is possible. Enlightenment itself is beyond all meaningfulness or meaninglessness. Yet, in being beyond all meaning, you can see into the totality of meaning, and work towards enriching those whose hearts are dulled by the darkness of confusion and meaninglessness. This is what we need now most- Meaning Makers, myth makers. divinely intoxicated poets, super-conscious artists.

Dear one, let us fill our lives with life-enhancing meaning and inspire others to do the same! Peace, intelligence, and bliss comes to those who have experienced the inner meaningfulness of existence. Be not distracted by the diversions of a purpose driven world, but concentrate whole heartily on the quest for consciousness expanding meaning!!!!!!!!! OM Shiva