Ma Kali Showers Her Grace

Let loose the flood gates!

Infuse light energy in all directions!

The heavenly initiation is overdo!

Showers of shakti every afternoon!

Be ready each and every one!

For the above made into the below!

And the below made into the above!

Watch thought words evaporate!

Global powers dwindle!

No levy shall hold!

Kali laughs!

At those who dare to hold Her back!

See all in silence!

Funnel clouds of Grace stretching across the sky!

Earth awakening to the thundering of light beams!

Slumber no more!

The dust of the minds eye made clear!

Millions seeing through!

Walls loosen!

Barriers break!

Gods and Goddesses radiating!

Starlit twilight!

Glory bound morning!

Vastness in the daytime!

Eternity in the evening!

History made into dreams!

And our dreams made true!

The love of wonders!

Replaced by the wonder of Love!

Manufactured counsels no more!

Cosmic steering is here!

Media of antithesis!

Meet the art of synthesis!

Science serving Soul!

Shall make the world Whole!