Real Age of Enlightenment

The real age of Enlightenment is upon us. The scientific understanding of the essence of Yoga and kundalini awakening will be reveled to the world in an undeniable way in a matter of years. Through this understanding millions will have the opportunity to experience the highest potentials of human consciousness and beyond into the uncharted realms of super-consciousness.

A complete restructuring of many aspects of life will naturally evolve around this deeper understanding, just as many aspects of life were restructured during the intellectually based Enlightenment era. This evolution however will be holistic, all encompassing, non-violent and ever expanding by its very nature.

Faculties of human consciousness beyond reason and ordinary logic will awaken in thousands of individuals.  The reason based methodologies of the previous Enlightenment era brought great scientific and social advancements, yet at the same time has brought the planet to the brink of near catastrophe. Therefore, a higher, deeper, more encompassing understanding and vision of existence is necessary to create a view point wide enough to disentangle the dilemmas facing mankind.

Paradoxically, this future advancement will succeed in the degree in which it touches the past, specifically the ancient understandings of pure consciousness that were elaborated by yogis and rishis for many thousands of years.

The only way to redeem the era of Reason and Enlightenment is to go beyond it, simultaneously reaching further into the past and deeper into the present, making our view timeless and space-less.

The technological revolution is presently collapsing space and time all around us—we can reach in all directions, see all corners of the earth, tap into any point in time.

From this increased interconnectedness, we are experiencing an evolution of consciousness that can no longer be contained in the linear, patriarchally defined, word-thought language. A new “language” of synthesis shall emerge, one that is filled with the bliss of intuitive insight, the Mothering receptivity of all embracing acceptance, and the unbounded possibilities of super-consciousness.

Human culture will no longer be formed by a few elite media super-structures, instead it will be contained as a fractal and interactive whole within each individual.

Our ability to express from this state will be in direct relation to our surrendering of lower forms of understanding and merging with the Mothering Intelligence that fills every inch of existence. And it is happening now. OM