Seeing the Highest Possibility in Others

It is always best to assume the highest possibility within others. If you can not see the possibility of Enlightenment in another, how will you see it within your self? If you give up on the possibility of Enlightenment in a single being, then you will be out of tune with your highest possibility. 

If you have a limited notion of Enlightenment, that it is some rarity, only expressed somewhere in a cave in the Himalayas, or sometime in a past golden age, or in someone that is completely foreign to you, then Enlightenment shall forever remain a stranger to you. This is why all Masters see Enlightenment inside everyone and everything. 

They may claim “I am Enlightened, you are not”, but by saying so they are just using relative truth to remind the whole of its ability to express itself more completely, independently and blissfully. The ultimate truth is that Enlightenment is everywhere shining through everything whether it is expressly “realized” it or not. 

It is up to you to decide whether you want to live a life based on relative truth and fall into the game of duality, or live a life based on ultimate truth and stretch yourself to fulfill your infinite possibility. 

This is why it is stressed not to judge another even if you have the slightest suspicion that they may be Enlightened. It is not that you are harming them by your limited view, rather you are deeply limiting your own consciousness, since the Realized soul is filled with the bliss of the universe—all the atoms and planets of the cosmos reverberate with his/her surrendered presence—and by judging them with your limited perception, you are judging the cosmos and cutting yourself off from the very core of who you are. 

Doubting others is a loosing game for everyone, I trust that you are an Enlightened soul, beautiful and filled within infinite worth, a child of God, a spark of the infinite flame of consciousness, a wave that is one with the ocean of eternal bliss. 

What of the evil doers you may say, the unconscious ones expressing all forms of ignorance and injustice, or just the regular Joe caught in a cycle of delusion? Perhaps they are a little confused, then let me take the responsibility to remind them of their self-effulgent grander, bliss, intelligence and compassion! If they remembered just a small portion of their divine heritage, of the eternal realm of causeless bliss that is their very home, of the countless reflections of God that are none other then their divine brothers and sisters, then they shall naturally drop their confusion. 

Integrity is seeing the Self within all. Authenticity is living in tune with the Self within all. Enriching others is inspiring one and all to realize the highest truth within. OM