Shri Krishna Reveals Oneness World Harmony

▲ The “One World Order” seeks to dominate and standardize reality.

◉ Oneness World Harmony seeks to harmonize and celebrate reality.

▲The “One World Order” functions by controlling living beings and natural resources for their utility value.

◉ Oneness World Harmony functions by appreciating living beings and natural resources for their unique and sacred qualities of existence.

▲The “One World Order” is founded on hard power of legalities and atomic weaponry.

◉ Oneness World Harmony is founded on soft power of natural intelligence and the experience of Oneness.

▲The “One World Order” cannot cope with the spontaneous flux of ever changing reality and fears the unknown.

◉ Oneness World Harmony recognizes each moment as unique and loves the unknown.

▲The “One World Order” reduces diversity for the sake of quantifiable control.

◉ Oneness World Harmony increases diversity for the sake of expanding possibility.

▲The “One World Order” is in constant need of developing new ways of surveillance and enforcement.

◉ Oneness World Harmony is constantly inspired towards developing new ways of guidance and empowerment.

▲The “One World Order” preaches a singular God and beings of conflicting essence.

◉ Oneness World Harmony preaches all are Gods and Goddesses with a universal divine Essence.

▲The “One World Order” widens the gap between science and spirituality, rich and poor, left and right.

◉ Oneness World Harmony harmonizes the apparent dualities of existence for the well-being of all life.

▲The “One World Order” is the victory of one “order” opposed to many others like cancer taking over the body.

◉ Oneness World Harmony is the balanced flow of many “orders” like the cooperative functioning of organs throughout the body.

▲The “One World Order” subtly promotes death and “sacrifice” as a means to an end.

◉ Oneness World Harmony vibrantly promotes life and celebration as an end in itself.

▲The “One World Order” is imposed by “dumbing down” individuals and diverting attention.

◉ Oneness World Harmony is realized by Enlightening individuals and increasing awareness.

▲The “One World Order” anticipates the future based on repressive supervision.

◉ Oneness World Harmony reveals the future based on creative cosmic vision.

▲The “One World Order” is triangular, excludes the many from the few, and ends in an “end time”.

◉ Oneness World Harmony is circular, includes all beings as brothers and sisters, and is eternal.