Sweet Wonderings

How long have you yearned to feel the warmth of My embrace?

How many lifetimes have you been aching for My grace?

How much longer shall you choose to play hide and seek?

How much longer can you wait to live life at its peak?

What is the limit to Your boundless affection?

What must if feel like to be near Your perfection?

What is the dimension of Your hidden glory?

What is this dream of life but Your endless story?

Where are all the elegant wonders yet to be found?

Where is the delight of touch and the sweetness of sound?

Where are the ecstatic days and captivating nights?

Where are the loving melodies and majestic sights?

Why must You make me enchanted by your silent gaze?

Why must You make me melt inside by your golden rays?

Why is there so much uncertainty when all should be clear?

Why is there this endless distance when I feel You so near?

When shall you see what you have always known inside?

When shall you drop your defenses and delicately confide?

When will the world celebrate the dance of perfect union?

When will the gods and angels rejoice in eternal communion?