The Future of Education

In the not too distant future, as studies in consciousness reveal the hidden human potentials activated by biophysical processes like yoga and meditation, there will be a natural demand for teachers to embody a fully awakened consciousness. The illusion that knowledge is somehow separate from the subject, where all we need to do is memorize, categorize, and manipulate bits of information in order to “educate” ourselves, will be overcome once and for all. There will be a planetary recognition that to fully understand and solve the pressing issues of mankind we will need the increased creativity, intelligence, and intuition that are awakened through meditation.

No more shall empty certificates and credentials be the primary factor in determining the value of the teaching staff. Instead, we shall ask, “How long have you been practicing meditation? Which Enlightened Being/s have you studied under? What have you been initiated into? What states of consciousness have you realized? Have you mastered the art of spiritual initiation so you can directly transmit subtle understandings into your students?” This will apply not just to philosophy or the arts, but to all dimensions of education as the over compartmentalization of knowledge is healed by a holistic understanding that views the evolved functioning of the human nervous system as a key factor in higher education.

In physics class, when a professor speaks of quantum non-locality, keen students shall ask “excuse me sir, but have you actually experienced what you are talking about? If not, please stop with this insanity, kindly go teach Newtonian physics to preschoolers!” These aware students wont just be speaking from arrogance, for they will have experienced directly for themselves, through deep meditation, the quantum field, its potentials, non-local exchanges of consciousness, teleportation of matter, and so on.

In the medical field, the destructive self-limiting obsession with “treating illness” that serves the interests of multinational drug companies rather then providing holistic health care will be laid to rest. In its place shall blossom a revolution in mind/body/spirit healing. The subtle dynamics of the human nervous system and the energetic fields that surround the body will be revealed in their full glory to the world. There will simply be no denying the subtle all encompassing nature of consciousness. The minds intimate relationship with the body and environment and the ways of achieving perfect health and higher states of consciousness will be mapped out and made realizable for one and all.

The fundamental role consciousness plays in creating our world moment to moment and shaping society as a whole through the collective consciousness will be studied objectively and rigorously on the largest and smallest scales. This is not just inducing some form of “spiritualism” into the classroom. It is a fundamental shift in the way we view education, human potential and the future of our species. For those of us who have already experienced the benefits of mediation, yoga, visualization, holistic health, vegetarian diet, etc—it is our responsibility to envision and help realize these benefits for those that need them the most, the millions of youth around the world.

Shall we fail to act, the unconscious elements will continue their mind numbing endeavor to “zombify” our children. Is it not apparent that the popular meme of “zombies” that is being mass marketed to millions of kids in the form of toys, books and entertainment is an effort to dumb down an awakening consciousness? Enough zombies! Let us inspire the youth with role models of Enlightened Beings, awakened sages, compassionate healers, self-actualized geniuses, courageous shamans, realized Yogis and Yoginis—those who know the one thing most worth knowing, their own Self. OM