The Future of Science

“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

Albert Einstein

Reverberating from within the depths of the scientific community is the thundering sound of revolution. The ultimate frontier of investigation, human super-consciousness, is coming to the fore. Our view of mind and world is about to take on a spectacular shift. There is simply no scientific revolution comparable to this coming transformation of world view. The science of Enlightenment will make the atomic age seem like little more then the study of how many angels exist on the head of a needle.

Our place in the world is soon to be profoundly inverted on a massive scale. Rather then seemingly existing as bits of matter expressing a phenomenal consciousness, there will be a clear understanding that we exists as unlimited universal consciousness, and that it is only from this universal consciousness that the conditional phenomenon of matter arises. This will be understood not as some metaphysical notion or scientific speculation, but will be as clearly understood as the roundness of the Earth, the effect of gravity on objects, and the way a computer receives signals of information through wireless technology.

Our existence in, through, and as pure consciousness will become an everyday fact of reality. The subtle mechanisms of vibrational consciousness in the body will be revealed in unending detail. The non-local effects of consciousness will be taken for granted by millions. The power and primacy of thought to impact ourselves and the world around us will become ever more transparent. The emergence of atoms, planets, and galaxies as experienced from within the “instrument” of consciousness itself will increasingly become the field of investigation.

The study of consciousness is not just about finding ways to be “more relaxed” in a materialistic society. It shall inevitably result in the upsurging of a consciousness that will implode the shaky frame of so-called objective materialistic science to reveal unimaginable horizons of human potential. The prophetic vision of Christ- “ye shall do greater works then I”, shall be realized and expressed in mass through the science of Enlightenment.

With the limiting frame of materialistic science broken once and for all, scientist will be left with no choice but to consider the insights of inner scientists who have been charting the subtle realms of consciousness for thousands of years. A mutual attraction of Science and Spirituality will emerge. Faced with the unbounded truth of an all pervading Consciousness that is scientifically proven to be inherent in and flowing through all forms of existence, including our felt sense of individual reality, Science and Spirituality will work together to align humanity towards a more harmonious relationship with this profound truth.

The restrictive views of religious intolerance will loose all power over this dawning of Supreme Consciousness. Likewise, the dogmatic views of an outdated science founded upon materialistic reductionism will be seen as utter phantasms in the light of this fundamental evolution of human understanding.

The disproving of deeply embedded beliefs may at first lead to seeming chaos, a sense of emptiness, or lack of direction. However, a powerful flow towards more conscious living will spring up in the sea of humanity. For the view of reality that recognizes the fundamental nature of universal Consciousness existing in and through all beings naturally creates a profound sense of empathy, compassion, and balance between the logical mind and flowing spirit. This revolution of science and spirit will rapidly advance the holistic healing of the body and mind and lead millions into higher states of awareness and bliss. OM