The Power of OM

OM omnipresent eruption of pure abundance from within the Self

OM Nada Brahma, sound of the cosmos, dispenser of divine expression

OM timeless expanse, nature in void, non-attainment of unclutched awareness

OM supreme command sounding endlessly, supreme vibration born in Causeless Mind

OM beyond the linkage of birth and death, gateway to eternal emanation

OM vehicle of total perfection, expansion in oneness, creative forces unlimited

OM destroyer of negative conditions, emancipator of the Mind of Brilliance

OM boundless rejuvenator of countless worlds, the heart of the supreme current of life

OM weaver of God Intoxication, soul drencher, supreme prana fulfiller

OM central core of untouched wonders, limitless connector to unknown powers

OM ocean of bliss, nectar of golden resilience, sustainer of unlimited possibility

OM tornado of no-mind consciousness, compassionate destroyer of karmic retention

OM all pervading Beingness, cosmic orchestrator of unbounded glory and illumination

OM resounding ā€œIā€ of the All Knowing resting in the atmosphere of light transmission