The Science of Kundalini Awakening: Towards a New Era of Enlightened Healing

“The first thing that should be done to bring about a harmonious development of human beings in the eradication of present-day irrational beliefs in the spiritual realm is to embark on a scientific investigation into consciousness...This may appear idealistic or even fantastic and impractical to many people. But the conclusion is unavoidable. At its present intellectual stature, the alternatives facing the races are either self-caused annihilation, with dreadful agony for myriads, or knowledge of and obedience to the laws of evolving consciousness.”

-Dr. Gopi Krishna in The Biological Basis of Religion and Genius

During the past four decades since Dr. Krishna's words were published, revolutionary methods of imaging, mapping and understanding the human brain and nervous system have evolved through modern science. Yet, the rigorous investigation into the full potentials of an evolving consciousness has barely begun.

Presently, in these times of rapid technological evolution, this investigation is no longer a luxury. It is an absolute necessity. Modern science must unravel and make practically available the science of evolutionary consciousness. Otherwise the human race is doomed to fall behind the rapid evolution of an overbearing technology ending in a world with “smart bombs” and unconscious humans.

The work by Richard Davidson in collaboration with the Dalai Lama at the University of Wisconsin is a positive example for future studies. Tibetan Monks were studied in various states of meditation using the latest brain imaging techniques. These studies have now been widely accepted in the scientific community. They have contributed greatly towards our understanding of neuroplasticity, mental focus and the biological factors of inner peace.

Similar studies on Yoga have also been conducted that have scientifically established a wide range of physical and mental benefits. Yet, an in depth study of the most essential and biologically pronounced yogic processes, kundalini awakening, has been grossly overlooked.

A recent study conducted during a 21 day meditation and yoga program conducted by Paramahamsa Nithyananda is a shining example for a medical community largely caught in a world of darkness. The program uses traditional vedic methods of yoga, meditation and spiritual initiation to awaken the latent kundalini energy. This energy is an inner potential biophysical energy that corresponds to centers in the brain and spine.

Blood samples of participants were taken at the beginning and end of the program and sent to a research university for study. To the shock of the researchers, it was discovered that the participants cellular mitochondria energy levels had increased by over 1,000% percent!

Such results have profound implications. It means that millions of cells were revitalized globally throughout the body. Mitochondria acts as the cells “power plant” generating energy that effects the whole body. When poorly functioning, the aging process is accelerated and can lead to many diseases. Most medications and chemically altered foods have a detrimental effect on the cells mitochondria. An increase of cellular energy by 1,000% is unprecedented, and represents a milestone in the scientific understanding of the kundalini energy.

Along with these findings, multiple strands of DNA were observed to be increasingly expressed in the participants. These genes are related to the combating of malignancies like cancer, increasing the bodies ability to cope with environmental stress, and counteracting neurological issues like Alzheimer's disease. The fasting blood sugar levels of participants who had diabetes were observed to go down to normal by the end of the program. Hypertensive patients systolic and diastolic blood pressures also went down to normal. A long list of other physical and mental disorders were strongly reduced or cured within 21 days.

All these scientifically verifiable results were the result of a non-invasive and drug free process that has been repeated over and over on thousands of individuals. While the scientific and medical community has put billions of dollars into the study of drugs and the building of larger and larger hospitals, investing a few thousand dollars to study someone healing thousands of people seems to be out of the question.

This is the absurdity of the situation, all the efforts are put towards studying those with diseases, syndromes, abnormalities and if these are not found, more and more diseases are invented and added to the ever increasing list of illnesses by the votes of a handful of physicians. It is not that we should give up the study and curing of disease, but at the same time it is equally if not far more beneficial to study those exhibiting tremendous health, individuals whose bodies have been transformed on a cellular and genetic level by the awakening of their inner biophysical energy. From these studies the science of kundalini awakening can be made available to all and we can begin to naturally heal ourselves from an overly mechanized system of health care.

From a spiritual perspective, the healing aspects of kundalini are only positive “side effects” of a total process of inner and outer transformation. However, to explore this process of transformation without a strong foundation of health is difficult. Super-consciousness, a state of awakening to the divine nature of all things, is the ultimate act of healing. It is healing our existential sense of separateness from the world. It is opening ourselves to the divine wonder, bliss and intelligence that is our very nature.

In a new era of Enlightened Healing we will finally overcome our fanatical beliefs about health. Modern science and contemporary healthcare will work together with the ancient practices of an Enlightened lifestyle of meditation, yoga and spiritual initiation. Kundalini awakening will emerge triumphantly as a powerful motivating force bringing total health, inspired intelligence, creative genius and spiritual Enlightenment to millions. OM