The Secret of Visualization

Dear one, let me share with you the other worldly secrets of visualization that rest hidden beneath this apparently concrete mass of reality. I am not interested in gifting you mere trinkets of knowledge, but wish to enrich you with treasures that lead straight to the shores of liberation. Please draw close and allow your ears to be gentle, so I may speak softly.

This flux of creation is but your colors of consciousness taking on the form of your desire. You are caught going round and round like a peacock transfixed by its own brilliant feathers.

The magnificence of consciousness is reverberating in the fringes of your experience, right now dear one. Please, take a moment to feel the edges of your body, this weight on which you place so much consistency. Be aware of the vibrating envelope surrounding you, this is your own consciousness feeling Itself through Itself in Itself- an effortless funneling into countless variations of circling atoms, cells, air, prana, vital energies, mind stuff, and the pure spirit drifting within you like sweet winds of omniscience.

The secret of visualization is that we are in essence a momentary visualization of consciousness floating its way through an ocean of bliss atop waves of vibratory perfection. We have attached a very peculiar sense of reality onto this bundle of flesh and bones. We are enamored by it, it is like a love affair with clouds in the sky, a lingering obsession with morning mist, an infatuation with a long lost lover who is but a character in a play that was written in a book that was found in a chest in an imaginary castle in a dream within a dream- if we but trace this character back to its source, we can be free of all the sorrows of this world.

Let me tell you the most absurd thing- those who would try cross the shores of liberation with this limited visualization of self kept intact. Listen carefully dear, if we just learn the art of releasing from this self-visualization, we can feel the expanse of pure space echoing throughout every cell in our body and beyond into the unknown ocean of vastness.

All joy is found here my dear love. In the pure space where we can see the remnants of our visualized identity as but a play of consciousness, a dancing starlight in a vast sea of celestial wonders. We need not fight with these phantasms of the world my dear, that shall only extend their vitality. We can enter into this ocean of bliss this very moment like a lover embracing an innocent romance.

First allow time to slow down like the restful gap between waves crashing onto the shore. Now slowly, reconnect with this innate feeling of affection you have for your body and mind. Allow this soft atmosphere of affection to saturate the air you are breathing. Fill the silent space of your room with it. Allow it to stretch into the clouds above and the earth below. Let it gracefully expand into the starlit skies, and without the slightest effort, more ease-fully then a blink of the eye, motion for this expanding affection to fill into the entire galaxy and beyond, let it soak in the splendor of countless star systems, let it bask in the ever radiating glory of the light divine, let it touch every star of life with weightless compassion, let it merge restfully into every particle of stardust, let your expanding presence of affection feel the oneness of the universe as though it were composed entirely of your countless fibers of being.

Now, take this visualization and absorb it into the image-less feeling of overwhelming bliss. Don't be afraid dear, you can go back to the visualization any moment, however it may appear, then let it again dissolve into this image-less intoxication.

Kindly look within. Where are you now? Where did you go? Who are you? What are you made out of? Where did you begin this existence that is now in your awareness and when shall it end? Where shall you go to? What conflict is found here? What is lacking here?

The world engrossed ones constantly place this feeling of affection on small bits of matter and fictional apparitions of concern within a hollow tube of a world far less substantial then the air inside a balloon. This is the function of desire my dear love. It is what keeps us bolted to this body and the world constructed around it. How much effort do you spend in running after your own miss-placed affections? Not just hankering after things or people, but even for the spiritual wonders that are yet shinier variations of your own fabrications?

Please do not be ashamed or shy about this dear. If you are stuck in the shallows of shame then you will feel somehow damaged by your attachment to the gross attractions of a solidified consciousness. If you are feeling too shy, then you will not be able to fully enjoy and embrace your cosmic presence. Kindly toss aside both of these concerns, and settle into the peace of knowing that in truth you are established in boundless consciousness and bliss and all else is a simple play of light.

This is the experience of true love my dear one. Everything else is merely giving into the illusions of your self and others. Unknowingly, there are many times throughout life when this pure space is entered- in the heartfelt embrace of two lovers, in the moment after a catastrophic loss, in the fleeting gap between dreaming and waking, in the stillness between breaths, in the silent space at the end of a song, in the peak of accomplishing a hard sought after task, in the merging with a beautiful scene of nature, in getting lost in the eyes of the Spiritual Preceptor.

Yet all these moments, no matter how much energy you invest into them, are fleeting dear one. If when you enter into these moments, you bring along your full consciousness of self, they may bring you into tremendous openings of awakening. Though still, if you are without a foundation of consciousness where you can enter into pure space at will, you will be caught again in the dual realm of suffering and seeking.

Therefore, dear one, you can take up the practice of divine visualization to expand your limited identity until you can drop all visualizations and identities into the ocean of pure bliss at will. You can inwardly take on the form of a god or goddess. Whatever form reminds and fills you with all the divine qualities of existence. But it must be done with sacredness and a profound nearness, just as intimately as you connect now with your limited identity. The divine forms of gods and goddess, when imbibed with profound consciousness as your own self, create a constant launch pad within to raise you into higher dimensions of consciousness, intelligence, bliss and compassion any moment throughout your daily life.

If you have a strong desire for liberation, than an Enlightened Master will appear in your life. He is the ultimate visualization, the pinnacle of existence, the embodiment of pure consciousness in a form just like your own. The Master is the final wake up call born from within your own consciousness. This is a happening far too mysterious to put into words. But we can try to shed a glimmer of light on it with a story:

Imagine now a man in a room sitting at a desk typing a story on a computer. After awhile, he takes a break to rest, and his hands fall asleep. Then somehow, while his hands are sleeping, they both start to feel that they are independent entities. The man at the desk tries to wake up his hands up so he can finish with his story. His right hand wakes up first and starts typing as the man wills, but his left hand is still stuck in a slumber doing whatever it likes. Then he uses his right hand to start poking at the left hand, and finally his left hand wakes up and they both start typing in unison.

Dear one, the man typing is our cosmic Self existing beyond all time and space, the sleeping hand is our own limited identity and the awakened hand is the Master who is acting on behalf of the Self to raise us from our slumber. Even though the Master's form is just another wave of consciousness in which we are inseparably connected, we should not miss or take His form for granted, for even if He pokes at us, He is acting on behalf of our very Self to awaken us.

Naturally, the awakened hand will be able to do much more then the slumbering one. It will be able to move all around, play music, write poetry and serve the man at the desk in innumerable ways. If the slumbering hand starts to watch all these acts of the fully awakened hand, then it will begin to realize that it too has the capacity to do all these things, and that it always had, but had only forgotten.

Likewise, when we see the Master preforming creative acts and miracles in service of the Self, we are filled with inspiration to realize our fullest potential. By visualizing ourselves as the Master, we imbibe not only His increased capacities of expression, but we merge into His innerspace that is one with the Self of all.

Dear one, these truths have been tested and confirmed in my own experience. It is possible for you to realize the same. We become what our desire directs us towards. Rather then getting lost in our projections of the outer world, we should focus on transforming the visualization of our inner self. When we visualize the divine forms as our very nature, we take on all their attributes both within and without. When our center of visualization becomes one with the Master, we are lead towards the supreme liberation. We may visualize ourselves as that supreme light of consciousness within, and take on all the powers of the universe. Do not be swayed by the chatter of the world dear friend. Do not give into the shallow expectations and vague doubts of the slumbering wanderers of this earth, for your destiny is a life most divine! OM