To the Wanderers dressed as mortals and men:

“Don't Ye know Ye are children of Immortal Bliss?

For every reason you give of unworthiness,

I shall give a billion more that speak towards Your Glory!

Look with your Eye, each atom within spinning in Light!

Humming with a thousand tunes of unspeakable splendor!

Where in this vast field of diamonds shall you see lack?

What is wanting in this Home Within fit for infinite Gods and Goddesses?

Loosen the grip of those deceivers who bind you with mere dust forms!

Their shadows of fear and greed shall be seen for the vapor they are!

Heed not those dark voices of doubt that take away thy peace,

Listen softly for those Angels amongst us ever ready to uplift,

Whom are waiting to carry us into the world of Eternal Bliss.

Remove henceforth these bits of dust in thine Eye,

Debris that cover your True Nature like a thumb hides the Sun!

To those false kings that would have us sleeping forever,

We are Awaking! We are Awaking! We are Awaking!

Nothing can stop the Suns rays from reaching the waters,

And in the countless glimmers of reflecting Light,

We shall all Witness the Divine Mother shining from within!

Angels here beside me now feel your strife and anguish,

Have watched as untold injustice has reigned on the Earth,

Have felt your cries as their own, and shall be quiet no more.

The Herald call of the bringers of Mercy shall resound like thunder,

Sending out waves of Grace to all corners of your beautiful planet,

Leaving none behind as the call to Awaken is for one and All!

Forget and forgive your misdeeds once and for all,

Let Ye stand firm now and forever in the Righteousness of your True Self,

Your struggle to walk in the Light is Our Own,

And We shall not let Ye flounder any longer on the shores of self limitation,

But shall rejoice together as One in the Ocean of Infinite Bliss!

Brothers and Sisters the time is drawing near,

The veils drawn by a few unworthy rulers are coming undone,

Your inner dreams of wretchedness and doubtfulness are fading,

The barriers to the Ocean of Grace are releasing,

Be not drowned in fear but engulfed by the Love Divine!

Prepare your bodies to ride the ever expanding Wave of Light!

Let all your heartfelt aspirations bear their fullest fruit!

Let your innermost thoughts be healed with the nectar of Divine Bliss!

Let your shadowy feelings of bondage be seen for the nothings they are!

Let your hearts be cleared of all misgivings towards enemies unreal!

Let you stand as One Humanity, Brothers and Sisters united in Truth!

Even Awakening to one inch of your True Nature,

is enough to shake the world out of its slumber!

Let it be known, thousands of Earth Shakers are coming,

Each One radiating with the Pure Bliss from the Source.

Their inner most core shall constantly cast light on all darkness,

Heal the depressions of all the wounded,

Reveal all the hidden truths of the Supreme Knowledge,

Give rest and protection to all the Blessed,

And destroy all the ways of the unjust.

These Hosts of Liberation shall settle in all places,

Communities of Grace spread out in all directions.

With the soft whispers of Mother Nature heeded once again,

Her tender streams and rivers shall sing gracefully for all to hear,

Her forests and fields shall tell endless stories of abundance,

And her vast Oceans shall resound with crashes of pure delight.

All that holds us back is but a dream within a dream,

A small series of falsehoods built in the name of education,

A few painful moments of unrest in a sea of Sublime Consciousness,

A handful of expectations towards a world we know not,

A thimbleful of misplaced worry for reasons unaware,

A speck of self-hood that thinks itself separated,

An atom of mind in a Cosmos of Perfect Wonder,

We need not add anything, just remove all these delusions,

And the Clarity of Divine Life shall be Ours!

Our Destiny once fulfilled, stretches out vast like the Sea,

Bringing all hearts in tune with the Motherly Divine Music,

The Supreme Silence of Being,

And the Bliss of the Eternal.”