Artist Interview

1. What inspired you to become a multi talented artist?

I am inspired by the increasing potentials that digital media offers for individual expression. I started off making layered music with a dos shell based program called impulse tracker about 14 years ago. A few years ago I started making visual art as a compliment to the music. My primary aim has been spiritual. Today’s society does not have many outlets for one to investigate and experiment with the subtle terrains of consciousness exploration and expansion. I never really identified myself as an artist but simply used the label as an excuse to explain to others why I am spending hours alone in deep concentration.

2. What do you experience in the creative process?


3. What is the main message of your art? 

Emptiness is form. Form is emptiness. Relax, and be blissful.

4. What made you create video art with an enlightened master? Is there a message for us?

I believe the recorded teachings of an enlightened master have a certain power over us. This will one day be scientifically verified by closely analyzing the sound patterns of their voice. My aim was to use the field of art to create space for the teachings of an enlightened master to enter into myself and others more deeply.

5. What made you among so many enlightened masters choose Paramahamsa Nithyananda for your video art?

Paramahamsa Nithyananda has totally given himself up to the divine and has totally given himself to the world as an avatar. The divine is evolving on this planet and he is the most complete reflection of this evolution. Synthesizing his teachings with digital media and spreading them across the global web is one more step in this evolution.
Experience ‘Arunachala Shiva’ by Ben Drewry

6. What inspires you to become a better artist?

The possibility of emptying myself completely and in the process finding ultimate fulfillment.

7. Seeing the number of your creations I don’t think you experience it but just in case, how do you prevent artist’s block?

By sitting in the woods.

8. How do you market your artwork?

I mostly just share it freely online.

9. What else is there that you’d like to share with our readers?

True spiritual art is the potentially dangerous exploration into the hidden layers of consciousness. It is an alchemical process that involves not just paint and pigment but the finer parts of the soul. Each work is a death that brings one face to face with the base elements that compose their being. Rendering oneself in such a way is the best preparation for receiving the real touch stone which is the touch of a living enlightened master.