Ben makes art mostly as an act of Seva and inner exploration of consciousness and shares it freely with the world.  In order to help fund his creative endeavors, please consider purchasing one of his unique paintings.  Along with each painting purchased, another custom painting of the same size with the colors of your choice will be sent to you within 90 days of payment.  Please email Ben at for any inquiries.  Thank you!

Convergence 30X48 in acrylic $25,000 (needs new frame)
The Earth is a Sun 18X24 in acrylic $8,000  (SOLD)
Mechanics of Superposition 30X48 in acrylic $50,000
Breath of Life 30X48 in acrylic $25,000

Telemetry of Twilight 16X20 in acrylic $5,000
Earth in Metamorphosis 16X20 in acrylic $5,000
Celestial Bodies 16X20 in acrylic $5,000
Cuneiform Drive 16X20 in acrylic $5,000

Dao Made Blameless 16X20 in acrylic $5,000