Science behind Indian  temple constructions
Victory In Jesus Revival Series
Heal your Soul Ancestral Chants from the Native Americans
What is Sikhism and  What Do Sikhs Believe?
7 Basic Principles of Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Spirituality
Jesus Christ—Gifts and Expectations | Ezra Taft Benson | December 1974
A Day In The Life Of A Yogi
Worship of Shakti, the Divine Mother - Swami Sarvadevananda
Love & Wisdom Overcome Racism & Hate
Medieval Mystical Women - The Beguines
Guided meditation to relief stress, anxiety and calm your mind by a Buddhist monk
Spirituality in a Phony World: In Search of Authenticity
Ancient Indian Scientists were all Rishis with High Spiritual Powers Technology of Spirituality !!
Aghori baba smoking a chillum
Story of Amitābha Buddha
How Your LIFE Means So Much
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with Leanne Whitney
The Yin Yang: Meaning & Philosophy Explained
Kabbalistic Tips on How to Control Your Mind and Emotions
The Hesychastic System of Spiritual Practices
Meister Eckhart: A Mystic Warrior for Our Times
Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa: A Message to the World
The Heart Sutra with Bob Harris
Matrimandir: The Soul of Auroville
The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
The Story of the Tsoknyi Nepal Nuns
Oren Lyons on the Indigenous View of the World
An Introduction to Sufism with Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Enlightened Masters:

Mother Meera
Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda
Paramahamsa Nithyananda
Swami Vivekananda
Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche
Living Buddha Lian-Sheng
Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche
Swami Lakshmanjoo
Anandmurti Gurumaa
God In Human Form The Biography of Avatar Meher Baba
Swami Jyotimayananda
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
David Spero


Disrupting Big Tech - Timnit Gebru
The Future of Colonizing Space
Development of Vikas Engine, Solid, Liquid & Cryogenic Propulsion Systems
'Oumuamua's mystery is finally solved!
Scientists’ Discovery of a Mysterious Interstellar Visitor
The Kardashev Scale With Michio Kaku
Birkeland Currents & Weather | Thunderbolts
Transhumanism - Humanity is entering a post human era
Blue Brain Project Overview
Going to Space to Benefit Earth
Julian Barbour on
Micro Hydropower : Turbulent Turbines
Total Number of Galaxies in The Universe Is Much Higher Than We Thought
Science of Bliss and Kundalini -  Part 1 - Biological Mechanics
The Mystery of the Saturn moon Enceladus
Water Memory

Gaia Theory
Music Medicine: Sound At A Cellular Level
The Venus Project: A World Worth Imagining
Nikola Tesla Predicts the  World of 2026
Best of Neil deGrasse Tyson on Religion
Scientific Evidence of the Afterlife
The Emergence of DNA Data Storage
The Science of Interconnectedness
Roger Penrose - Quantum Physics of Consciousness
TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE: A Journey to the End of Time
Quantum Fields: The Real Building Blocks of the Universe
The Four Quadrants of Ken Wilber's Integral Framework

UFOs on the Moon

Health and Healing:

Latent HIV is flushed out
Action-Planning for the Global Food Crisis
Blueberries Are Medicine. Let Me Tell You How.
The Boundary Is Children, We Must Remain Unified
The Sacred Use Of Tobacco

What happens if you Don't Eat for 44 Days?

Awaken Your Spirit & Heal Your Body | Dr Sue Morter
Thomas Cowan on Cardiovascular Disease
An Introduction to a Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet
Egyptian Roots of Modern Sound Healing
Applied Buddhist Psychology
Understanding Ayurveda


Martin Luther King
The Aga Khan's Vision of Pluralism
This is Real Black Empowerment Talk By Dr. Amos Wilson
Encountering China: Michael Sandel and Chinese Philosophy
Feminist Ontology for the Twenty-first Century

Marcus Aurelius' Meditations: The Stoic Ideal
Terence McKenna on Novelty Theory
Lex Fridman Podcast
The Origin of Ideas


The Manuscripts of Timbuktu and Islamic Writing in West Africa
Dr Asa Hillard The Master Keys to Study Ancient Kemet
Kehinde Andrews : The New Age of Empire
Malcolm X on Front Page Challenge, 1965
The Truth About Christianity's Origins In Europe
The Vatican: An Inside Look -
The Indigenous People of America
The Truth About Communism
Nalanda University
Ashoka The Search For India's Lost Emperor
African History Egypt, Ethiopia & Sudan
Haile Selassie the Lion of Judah
The Sunken City of Dwarka
Why Russia is Invading Ukraine
Frederick Douglass - A Profile In Courage

The Sumerians
The Renaissance


The Future of Finance is Female
Creating a Learning Society
Blood Cobalt: The Congo's Dangerous and Deadly Green Energy Mines
The State of Electrify Everything with Saul Griffith
Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com
Singapore Green Plan 2030
Nigeria’s Futuristic Eko Atlantic City
Hydrogen Wave of Innovation
Kuwait's Silk City -  A New Era On The Rise!
Reimagining Capitalism with Higher Consciousness
Thomas Sowell on the Myths of Economic Inequality
Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire


Inside China: A Discovery Tour
Naomi Oreskes — The Big Myth
Great Reset Agenda
Malik Obama disappointed in the president, voting for Trump
George Lakoff on Trump's moral challenge to liberals

Why nations should pursue
The Great Delusion with Professor John Mearsheimer
American Indian Activist Russell Means testifies at Senate Hearing

Ecology and Environment:

Vertical farms could take over  the world
The World's Largest Floating Solar Farm
Sustainable security of the Middle East: Climate change, challenges, and prospects
Protecting Borneo's rainforest for biodiversity, the climate, and for prevention of pandemics
What is Breadfruit? A Sourcing Story.
The Mind of a Bee | Lars Chittka

Video Games:

Guardians of the Galaxy
Star Wars
The Station
Google Earth VR
Exo One
Flight Simulator
Space Engine
No Man's Sky
Ancient Egypt
Mass Effect

The Beyond