Music is God

Dear friends, let me share with you life enhancing truths on the richest fruit of existence, inspired music. Music is pure vibration. Higher states of consciousness can be entered into directly through sound. Music is the fragrance of the divine. If you were to see deeply into the mind of God, you would no longer be seeing, only hearing, wave after wave of interstellar harmonies played out over cosmic time. Music is where all the noise of existence coalesces into a sublime meaningfulness that expands far beyond the barriers of the limited mind. Music is not just some garnishing added to existence, it is deeply embedded within the very nature of existence itself. Every atom of existence is one note in a cosmic symphony playing eternally in the mind of God. Successful earthly music is that which increases the vibrational frequency of thoughtless awareness so you can raise your consciousness to tune into the cosmic vibrations of existence.

Music and meditation are pretty much one and the same thing. Music trains your being to enter into realms of deep listening that are impossible to fathom by any other means. Clearly, we are not talking about the factory produced music supported by technocrats designed to make you into a perfect consumer. This so-called music actually has the opposite effect, it takes you deeper into the realm of delusion, duality, conflict, and leaves you feeling a sense of lack or restlessness when finished rather then a deep feeling of peace, expansion and inner fulfillment.

Music is the fulfillment of life. Authentic music should leave you with a feeling of being washed over in ecstatic waves of consciousness until your whole mind and body are overflowing in pure awareness. Nearly every culture in the past has had some form of music that connects people with ecstatic states of consciousness. It is one of the most healthy, rejuvenating and life-sustaining things to do. But, somehow such states of consciousness have become taboo for an industrialized society that would apparently rather be dulled by entertainment then awakened through it.

It is due to a deep fear of silence that modern man has forgotten the true potential of inspired music.  True music creates an inner silence in you where you can feel the sound coming from the soundless and merging back into the soundless. It may at first appear as unusual to you, since all your habitual thoughts, memories, feelings and perceptions are melted down and dispersed into a vast empty space. Yet, it is here, in this vast empty space, that the true delights of the universe are to be experienced, enjoyed and shared.

All it takes for one to be spiritual is to enjoy good music. The music itself should be enough to draw you into deeper states of awareness. All it requires is the right environment and your conscious receptivity. The power of divinely inspired music knows no bounds and the effects it has on your being are immeasurable.

Music is the vehicle that prepares you to directly experience God. The deep listening and heightened concentration that is nurtured by creating and listening to music helps you connect straight away with the energy of an Enlightened Being. You will simply experience Him or Her as a beautiful composition. Not just in the graceful vibrations of Their voice, simply through Their very being, in the air around Them, and in the space filling the room. Where others see only bones and flesh, you will experience a sweet symphony of subtle energies that you can merge into and out of by a simple act of conscious attunement.

Music is not something to enjoy like a spectator from a distance, it is to be entered into with totality. The notes, rhythms and textures should vibrate within your very being. It should take you over completely. In the beginning of the song, you should feel as though the universe is appearing right before you for the first time. In the peaks, you should feel fully merged with the sound, like feeling one with the bubbling sound of a river. In the valleys, you should feel relaxed, like you have been eternally released from all the mundane concerns of life. And when the song fades away into nothing, your very being should follow it into the vastness of pure space and beyond.

When you can enter into oneness with the subtle vibrations of inspired music, you can enter into oneness with all the subtle vibrations of nature—in the air, trees, ocean, plants and animals, and loved ones. You can begin to commune with all the inner planes of consciousness of which music is the nearest earthly reflection. When your mind is filled with inspired music, you are in the mind of God. When your heart is filled with inspired music, you are in the heart of God. When your being is filled with inspired music, you are God.

To create inspired music requires a deep emptiness. Through heightened awareness, the surface level disturbances of thought are to be relinquished. It is simply a matter of letting go of attachment to any idea of a result. When you enjoy the pure presence of creativity, this presence is mystically embedded into the music and can be experienced by sensitive listeners. Inspired music is beyond any individual identity or personality, when you reach into the fathomless depths of your being and act effortlessly from the timeless space within, a spontaneous flow of creation is born from within you that is a direct expression of existence itself.

It is no coincidence that the exemplar of all Incarnations to walk on earth, Lord Krishna, is pictured with a flute. His divine music meant more to those near and dear to Him then a million words spoken on spiritual liberation. His flute playing is not just symbolic, in a single moment of His song, all the pains and sufferings of countless lifetimes would simply be washed away from the hearts of those near to Him.

A good song encompasses the sum total of a thousand lifetimes worth of experience. It is the momentary feeling of eternity that all are seeking and which music can beautifully fulfill. It is only by entering into such timeless spaces that the momentary flow of life becomes filled with deep meaning. This experience is all the more needed in today’s world where we are constantly bombarded by an array of meaningless media from all directions.

Modern advances in sound technology have made it possible to tune sounds very subtly so they may directly express the inner experiences of consciousness. There is a mystical science involved in sound. Sound and vibration are so primary to the fabric of existence, that through them, anything and everything can be achieved. There is a tremendous opportunity for Enlightened Beings and Rishis of the future to use modern sound technologies along with the science of ancient mantras to create a new genre of inspired music that can directly transmit the Enlightenment experience.

Even when transmitting the ultimate experience, there is essentially no purpose to inspired music. It is the spontaneous joy and excitement through which the music is created and enjoyed that gives it its grace and glory. When you can enjoy the most purposeless thing in existence with your whole being, you are one with the divine and the whole cosmos becomes yours to enjoy. Be Blissful!!!!!!!!!!! OM