I am Shiva! I am the eternally Blessed One!
There is none else, no force, no thought, no action beyond Me!
Strive to attain Me! All I want is for you to be like Me!
What is this limited set of knowledge you call “world” and “self”?
Bundle these two together like a pile of sticks and burn them in Me!

I am the Essence of your devotion,
The splendor of your silent awe,
The fountain of grace bubbling within you,
Seek with the cup of your mind a drop of My bliss,
And I will fill you with My ocean of unending delight!

I am the eternally Restful One,
The sky of awareness that knows no clouds,
The river of peace that cools your nerves,
Let your mind dwell on the lotus of your heart,
And discover My kingdom of boundless silence.

I am the epitome of all Wonder and Bliss,
The elixir of immortality that quenches every desire,
The sweet nectar of heaven hidden within you,
Plunge yourself through the eye of your spine,
And awaken to My festival of divine ecstasy!

I am the Unimpeded One,
Reaching out to every atom of time and space,
The supremely independent Actor,
Who plays on the stage of your soul,
Realize this within and master My divine play.

I am the Pulsating Throb of existence,
The surge of creation made from twinkling energy dust,
The Composer of your incessantly changing form,
Observe with awareness the radiance of each breath,
And create worlds within worlds.

I am the Lord of Destruction,
The black hole that holds the universe in balance,
The divine secret of rejuvenation is My very grace,
Fearlessly let your inner eye gaze intently on My form,
And behold the dissolution of the limited mind.

I am the Absolute Knowing by which all is known,
The pure knowingness that saturates every object,
The unseen witness of your effervescent thoughts,
With profound nearness ask yourself “who am I?”
Until the I’ness of I vanquishes the thought “I am”