The Power of Trust

Dear kind friend, let me take a moment to share with you the most powerful and valuable treasure of the universe, supreme trust. Please take this to heart, dear one. Trust is the Master, God, Cosmos. There is no one separate from it- to possess it, to express it, to live it, to hold it. Authentic trust is being possessed by the strength of mountains, the grace of existence, the courage of gods, the web of creative intelligence, the compassion of Buddhas, the wondrous bliss within, the pure space beyond all comprehension.

What does it mean to be “possessed” by trust? We would rather like to think that we are in control, that we are some kind of manager overseeing the agency of mind and body. Yet, in a few moments of sincere reflection, we can observe within a stream of thoughts splashing around randomly, spontaneously, through rivulets of memories, emotions, projections, fears and anticipations.

This limited identity we call self is simply the river of consciousness being sucked into swirling currents of doubt and limitation that maintain its illusory existence. If we but knew the greatness of our soul, that our stream of self is in fact one with the blissful ocean of existence, we would be done with such doubts in a moment. Yet, this greatness is covered over by an apparent fog of conditioning and forgetfulness.

Total Trust is the bridge to total remembrance. This trusting is not our own doing, it is a cosmic revelatory force hidden inside every atom of existence. If you allow it to posses you, to become one with it, you will exist in a space beyond Enlightenment Itself.

Without this power of trust, all our efforts to realize our true nature will only end in mediocre consolations. We may think that we need only to let go of our self-diminishing thoughts and find some blank space within, to enter into the power of now, to merge into a quaint silence, to stare off into the distance of no-mind with our eyes half closed. This is the most unfortunate thing, to get stuck in such thoughts, for they but end in a mix of world illusion and spiritual poverty. It is profound trust that brings profound realization. Nothing else will do. If you but take this one truth as your guide to every moment of life, realization will come running after you.

“On whom or what shall I place my trust?”, you may be thinking. First trust your self. Trust in the basic flow of experience that is the foundation of all life. Trust in your innate ability to experience and realize the ultimate truth. Look here, once mathematics was a complete mystery to you, now, in some measure, it is known, utilized, applicable to you. Have trust that Super Consciousness can happen to you just as simply. Regardless of whatever difficulties you are faced with, if you keep a strong trust towards the highest possibility being realized in your self, manifestations of that possibility will start being attracted to you.

Authentically trusting in your self that you can realize full Enlightenment in this very lifetime will bring you to a Master who can actually give it to you. Otherwise, if you are in doubt about this, you will attract a teacher who has doubts yet remaining in himself. Or, if you trust that wealth is the highest possibility in life, then you will attract those who trust in the same. Or, if you trust that name and fame is the highest possibility, then you will attract people and situations that support that trust. But, if within the depths of your heart, you feel that spiritual strength and bliss is the highest possibility in life, then you will draw near to you the one who embodies these higher principles and experiences of the cosmos.

To be deeply connected to someone who is already possessed by tremendous spiritual trust is the greatest relationship one can have in the universe. A Master is one who pushes you to stretch yourself into the higher dimensions of universal trustfulness. It should be clear by now that when you place your trust in Him, you are not adding anything to Him, but are expanding your own potential to awaken the great trust within. A true Master will only begin to work with you in earnest when this link of inner trust has been established.

Look how much trust is required for a simple operation. Would you let a heart surgeon start operating on you without you trusting them? What would you do when they start getting out their knifes and scalpels to open your chest? Enlightenment is the ultimate operation, it is a most delicate process, a removal of the tumor of limited self and a blossoming into Supreme Consciousness. At each stage the mind will throw at you innumerable doubts, fears and worries. The whole world may seem to be with or against you, the very foundations of your existence will start to shatter beneath you, all your previous guides and guideposts will be drowned in irrelevance, everything that you held to be true within the confines of your limited understanding will be crushed to bits. It is only the light of profound trust that can overcome all the shadows of ignorance, dear one, and lead you to the ultimate.

Trust in the Master is brought to life and maintained by tapas, or spiritual effort. Trust and tapas are in fact one and the same, like clouds and rain. It is through great spiritual efforts that great trust awakens which leads to even greater efforts and even deeper trust. Spiritual effort provides the energy to make whatever we trust as the highest possibility into reality.

The Master challenges your trust nearly every moment. He is not concerned with fitting into your frame, your morality, your expectations, or your image. He is concerned with shattering all the limitations you have built up around you until you have no choice but to loose yourself completely into the ocean of supreme bliss.

If you can not trust in something great, infinite, eternal, ever-blissful, self-effulgent, supremely intelligent, perfectly loving, and full of grace that is outside you, how shall you ever hope to realize it within? Yet most people see this high degree of trust as something foreign, a desperate hopefulness, over zealousness, a weakness by which they may be taken advantage of. With their lives comfortably filled with halfway trust, they live with halfway action, halfway understanding, and a flattened out experience of reality.

Dear, don't you see, this is all just a survival mechanism of the limited mind, a way to keep it stuck within its own frame of reference so it can avoid the real challenge of shattering every inch of separateness into the divine splendor of eternal oneness! I tell you my love, this oneness is not just some hazy blob, it is the exquisite temple of Supreme Realization, with pillars of Omniscience, walls of eternal bliss, floors of spiritual strength, ceilings of endless revelation. Held within it are countless rooms filled with treasures of knowledge, emeralds of compassion, diamonds of insight, rubies of affection, crystals of devotion, and golden crowns of gratitude.

If you earn the intimate trust of a King, then all his treasures will be yours. Likewise, if you gain the trust of a Master, his overflowing wealth of bliss, intelligence and compassion will enter into all the chambers of your heart. Here is where divine trust evolves into the unspeakable realms of feeling connection, the subtle bonding of souls, the merger of inner-spaces, the communion of consciousness.

The grace and bliss from the deep feeling connection with an Enlightened Being is like anesthesia for the operation of Enlightenment. Having trust implies knowing to some degree what you are trusting in, whereas feeling connection is a happening beyond all knowing. What can be spoken about such a connection? We can only say that, such a connection gives life infinite value, beauty, joy and sublime delight. It is the lingering desire to connect with the cosmos through the cosmos as the cosmos that is the secret motivating factor to all relationships on Earth. Yet, as you know, none of these earthly relationships quite fulfill that deep desire. That is where feeling connection with the Master, the one who has completed Himself through the power of supreme trust, creates the space for supreme fulfillment.

When your pools of doubt become oceans of trust, you can absorb your own doubts and the doubts of the world. This is the key to becoming a Master, an Incarnation. This universal trust has the power to change the course of worlds, even the gods will come to you with their doubts. When you trust the cosmos completely, you will be able to express directly as the cosmos. This is the secret to all spiritual powers and revelations of insight.

Dear friend, trust is Master, trust is God, trust is Cosmos. Be not overly concerned on where you put you trust, relish the ability to trust in everything for no reason, let supreme trust itself lead you beyond the veil of Maya. If you cannot connect straight away with the whole, then place your trust at the feet of the Enlightened Ones, those who will selflessly guide you towards your own inner light. If you find a strong feeling connection with something or someone in your life, nurture that feeling with all sacredness, for it is the center of all meaningful existence. Let trust be your guiding light in all times, in all places, under all circumstances. Let these words be ingrained deeply into you, so that in those shallow moments, when you feel lost and alone, strewn about in a hollow corridor of existence, you may remember the call to be possessed by supreme trust and be raised up again and again into the highest possibility! Love and Bliss to You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OM